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Yahoo is one of the most popular web services that are known for its versatility. It is globally used in both by professionals as well as commoners. It also offers one of the best known support services to deal with the technical issues faced by the customers. In many cases, users forget their existing passwords and then find them unable to access their accounts and they left with only option to reset password of their yahoo mail. Now, you can directly reach yahoo help number.

How to recover your yahoo account : Yahoo help?

1. Go to Yahoo Mail sign-in page; enter your email id in the field provided click on the “Next” button. You will be directed to a screen where you have to type in your account password.

2. Click “I forgot my password” option.

3. You will be directed to another screen where you will be provided with the Account Recovery Options (phone number or email address) related to your account.

yahoo password recovery

4. If you recognize the options that are provided their on screen, you need to click on Yes, text me a verification code (for phone number)

yahoo recovery password

5. Or you can go for the alternate emails yes, please send me a verification code button.

6. After entering the verification code, hit on the Continue. If you have entered the code correctly, you will see a positive message on your screen with the option:

yahoo email support

7. Create a new password

8. When you click on the Continue button you will be directed you to your Yahoo account, clicking the Create a new password option will direct you to next screen where you will be provided the option to create a new password.

How to contact yahoo via chat?

If you want to chat to yahoo customer service representative this link enables you to directly chat regarding to your concern or to get support for your respective yahoo product.

1. Choose from the drop down menu; what is your issue related with.

2. Enter your email id associated with yahoo.

3. Click on “I am not a robot” or enter the captcha code.

Or, For any other unsolved issue related to yahoo account you can directly reach to yahoo help number +1-844-832-5538.

How to recover yahoo password without phone number?

If you are not having the access to the number associated with your yahoo mail, you can go for resetting the password without phone number. By opting for this you will get the verification on your alternate email address.

1. Go to yahoo mail login and enter your email address.

2. Click on the “forgot my password ”

3. Click on continue

4. Enter the alternate email to receive the verification code.

5. The code you get will be going to reset your email without phone number.

6. Go back to recovery page and enter 8 digit code.

7. Verify the code

8. Now, you can create a new password.

How to reach yahoo customer service representatives?

Yahoo is a renowned name in the field of email services and hence leads to a huge database. Yahoo has a super-active team of customer services to handle all the queries of the huge customer base. It is easy to reach their customer services representatives by using the given detail.

Yahoo Instant support : Toll free Number +1-844-832-5538

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