Hotmail change password and account sign-in

Microsoft Outlook is currently the official email supplier for any email address ending in “”, thus you may use Outlook to reset any Hotmail, Live, and/or Outlook passwords if you want to change Hotmail password.

If you have forgotten your Hotmail ID, head over to Hotmail reset password page to change your hotmail password.

Follow the bit-by-bit instructions to recover your account info.

Reset Hotmail Password

Use the Sign-in Helper to change your Hotmail password and regain access to your account. For account security, Hotmail only displays some of the options below.

The system determines which options to display based on factors like where you’re signing in from and recovery data on your account.

1.Go to the Sign-in Helper.

hotmail change password


2.Enter your phone number or email address.

hotmail change password

Click Next.

3.If you can receive text messages on the number listed, click Yes, text me an Account Key.

hotmail account signin

4. You have access to the email address listed,  select and click Yes, send me an Account Key.

hotmail password code

5.Enter the Account Key that Hotmail sent in the field provided, then click Verify.

hotmail account signin

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Forgot Hotmail Password Use Your Secret Questions

Also, remember that the server will determine which of the secret questions will be made available to you; for hotmail account sign in.

Contact Hotmail for password reset, If you have forgotten your Hotmail password and wish to use your security questions, head over to hotmail reset password and select Password and sign in.

Under sub-topic two, select Forgot Password, under Recommended Option, enter your email address and click on Submit.

Click Next. If prompted, enter the CAPTCHA code.

  • Select Use my secret questions, followed by Next. Then enter the answers to your security questions.
  • If entered correctly, Hotmail will prompt you to enter a new password. and change your earlier hotmail password Enter your new pass-code and click on Next to finish your password recovery.

Note: If you do not have secret queries on file, that reset possibility will not be out there in Sign-in Helper.

Finding it hard recalling what’s the answer to your security questions ?

Try resetting it using your recovery email or mobile number.

Reset Hotmail Password without Alternate email or Phone Number Changed

Head over to sign in helper and attempt to recover your account, if you still can't access your account, read: Account Recovery Information is incorrect below.

Your Account Recovery Information is incorrect E-mail providers take your account's privacy and security on a serious note, and we'll only let you reclaim an account if you can prove you're the authorized owner.

When you register for an account, it's up to you to provide the up-to-date and valid recovery info. Your best option to avoid losing access is to keep your recovery info updated if you got a new phone number or changed your alternate email address.

If the Password Helper says your password can't be reset online -

If you've tried using the Password Helper and weren't able to sign-in to your account, other recovery options may not be available. We know it can be frustrating to see the fail page, but in these rare cases, we recommend you create a new account or change your hotmail password.

Unable to recover your lost account ?

Try contacting support, we may help you to get back into your account.

Invalid ID or Password Message

If your attempts to log in result with an Invalid ID or Invalid Password error message, this signals that you've entered a password and ID combination that doesn't match what's on record. 

If you are certain that you are providing the proper sign-in data, there are a few scenarios as to why this is happening.

  • If your secret code contains numbers or letters, make sure that your caps lock or number lock keys are activated.
  • Case-sensitive codes are often entered incorrectly due to key stroke sensitivity.

Take a look at your browser's auto-fill settings. If your browser usually fills-in your password for you automatically and you've changed your password recently, you'll be required to enter your new password manually to override your browser settings.

If you're sure that you're entering the correct information, this could be an indication that someone else accessed your account and changed your password.

Reset your password immediately using the Password Helper tool. Once you regain the access to your account, review the steps to secure a hacked account to revert any changes made without your knowledge.

Important Note: If you can't answer the secret question either and you do not have access to your alternate e-mail address or phone number also, there is nothing else you can do from here as Hotmail is not able to tell that you are the legitimate owner.

Find your Hotmail ID and restore access to your Hotmail account

From Your Desktop Computer

1.Go to the Account Recovery Page.

hotmail change password

Enter one of the account recovery options listed in the Account Recovery Wizard.

  • Click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions given in the Account Recovery page.

From Your Mobile Device

1.On the Hotmail sign in page, tap Trouble signing in?

hotmail verification

Enter one of the account recovery options listed in the Account Recovery page.

  • Click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions given in the Account Recovery page.

Signing in From a Different Device

If you've recently got a new phone or changed your mobile SIM card, you may see a verification message upon your first log-in flashing First time signing in from here?

When you see this notification, you'll need to choose whether you want to verify using your phone or alternate email address.

Based on what you have selected, you can choose to get the code through text message, a phone call, or an email.

Choose the method you'd like to use and then check your email or mobile phone for the verification code.

Enter the code in the field provided and click Submit.

Hotmail Account Locked

To Secure your account, a temporary lock is triggered anytime there have been too many unsuccessful sign in attempts.

The lock will be removed automatically after 24 hours, but you can always regain access to your account immediately using the hotmail reset password .

Problems Using Hotmail Password Helper

Hotmail takes your account's privacy and security very seriously. As a security measure, Email provider will only let your reclaim an account if you can definitively prove you're the authorized owner. Since Hotmail does not collect much information up-front when you register, there are limited options for verifying that you own an account. Your best option to avoid losing access to your account is to make sure that your account recovery information is always up-to-date.

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