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There are millions of people using email all over the world who prefer Yahoo’s email services over other available email options. This is mainly because of the different advantageous , attractive  features and reliable customer support centre. Generally, the distinctive attributes available in Yahoo functions flawlessly, however, many a times users may experience trouble accessing and operating certain attributes in their account, and thus look for a reliable and dependable assistance from Yahoo customer support.

Yahoo support is known for providing a swift and reliable customer service through its various support options that include assistance via various Help Articles, Social Media Platform, online Chat support, Email Support,  etc. So, no matter what sort of issue you are facing with your Yahoo account, you can find prompt and swift assistance from Yahoo customer service.

List of common issues experienced by customers

Some of the most common issues for which users seek assistance from Yahoo customer support are given below. Here, you will find answers to the problems and queries related to Yahoo in the simplest way. 
Issues related to Spam

  • Not able to send and receive emails
  • Failing to compose email
  • Yahoo account suspended/blocked
  • File attachment issues

For additional information, here you can find detailed solutions to the two most common Yahoo-related issues..

1.      Steps to Recover Hacked Yahoo Mail Account

If you are unable to access your Yahoo Mail account even when you are entering correct login credentials, you must first make sure that the problem is not at Yahoo’s end. If the problem is at Yahoo’s end, you will need to wait until the issue gets resolved. However, if the status of Yahoo appears to be fine, it means that your account has been hacked. To recover your hacked Yahoo Mail account, follow the instructions provided below.

  • Go to the Yahoo Mail sign-in page, enter your Yahoo user id in the provided field and click on the “Next” button. You will be directed to the next screen where you will be prompted to enter your account password.
  • On the next screen, you will need to click on the “I forgot my password” option. You will be directed to the next screen where you will be shown one of the Account Recovery Options (phone number or email address) associated with your account.

NOTE: Make sure that you have access to one of the Account Recovery Options associated with your account. This is important because you will need to verify that you are the actual owner of the account you are recovering. 

  • If you recognize the account recovery option shown on your screen, you will need to click on the Yes, text me a verification code (for phone number) or Yes, please send me a verification code (for email address) button. You will receive a verification code which you will need to enter on the subsequent screen.
  • After entering the verification code, click on the Verify/Continue button. If the verification code will be entered correctly, you will see a Success message on the subsequent screen with two options:
  • Continue
  • Create a new password
  • While clicking on the Continue button will direct you to your Yahoo account, selecting the Create a new password option will direct you to next screen where you will be prompted to enter your new password.

Enter the new password in the prompted fields and click on the Continue button. Then, review the Account recovery options on the next page and click on the Looks Good button once you are done making the desired changes. Your hacked Yahoo Mail account will be recovered.

Invalid ID or Password Message

If your attempts to log in result with an Invalid ID or Invalid Password error message, this signals that you’ve entered a password and ID combination that doesn’t match what’s on record. 

You are certain that you are providing the proper sign-in data, there are a few scenarios as to why this is happening.

  • If your secret code contains numbers or letters, make sure that your caps lock or number lock keys are activated.
  • Case-sensitive codes are often entered incorrectly due to key stroke sensitivity.

Take a look at your browser’s auto-fill settings. If your browser usually fills-in your password for you automatically and you’ve changed your yahoo password recently, you’ll be required to enter your new password manually to override your browser settings.

If you’re sure that you’re entering the correct information, this could be an indication that someone else accessed your account and changed your password.

Reset your password immediately using the Password Helper tool. Once you regain the access to your account, review the steps to secure a hacked account to revert any changes made without your knowledge.

How to recover your Yahoo account with security question

1. Enter your yahoo E-mail id or the mobile no. register with yahoo then click on Continue

2. If the phone number showing on that page is not yours click on I don’t have access

3. Now you will see a recovery E-mail address there

4. If you can access the recovery e-mail click on yes

5. You will receive an e-mail from yahoo

6. You will find a link in that e-mail click on that

7. Once you will click on that link you will be redirected to a new page

8. Now you will be asked for verification code and then you need to click on continue

NOTE: -IF you don’t remember the security question or you don’t have access of the phone number or the recovery e-mail id there is no way to recover your yahoo account than. Now you are not the owner of the e-mail id that you had created.